Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm feeling a little guilty.  Cade was my first child and I have about eleventy-billion pictures of him.  About 20 scrapbooks, too.  Poor Cammers.  I have exactly 0 scrapbooks of her.  And maybe 100 pictures over the past three years.  Es no bueno!

Soooo...I have decided to start taking pictures like a mad dog again.  Not only that, but I want to learn how to take good pictures.  I want to learn to use my manual settings and rattle off words like aperture and f-stop and depth of field.  Then I can hang with the big girls! ;-)  I'll be practicing and putting a bunch of pictures here on the blog.  Which the grandmas will love since they think I have the cutest kids ever.  (And it's true, I do!!) 

Cade isn't a fan of having his picture taken so he won't be on here too much.  Unless it's the back of his head as he runs away from the camera!

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