Friday, December 28, 2012

Hopeless--Book Review

Ms. Hoover, I don't know how you do it.  I fall completely (ridiculously) head over heels in love with your books.  With your characters.  With you!  Slammed was great.  Point of Retreat was great.  Hopeless was amazing!

This book was a little different from the first two in that it dealt with a much more mature subject matter.  It dealt with ugly, painful stuff.  With heartbreaking, heart shredding, hopeless junk.  But it was real.  It was heartbreaking, heart shredding, hopeless reality.  Somehow in that mess, Colleen Hoover sucked me in and showed that their is still Hope.  No matter what.

This story is about a girl meeting a guy who actually makes her feel something.  Those emotions are thrilling, yet scary.  She discovers there are secrets that he's been keeping.  She discovers that there are secrets that she's been keeping from herself.  It's about how they deal...with the secrets and with each other.

I won't tell much about the book...but I will say that if you read this, be prepared to invest every ounce of your emotions into these characters.  Like Sky, I don't cry.  I hate to cry--it makes me feel weak and stupid.  But I will admit that at certain parts of the book, I felt like crying with them and for them.  (I didn't cry, though.  If my husband hadn't been in the room with me while I was reading, I might have let go and let a couple tears fall! lol)  Everything about these characters is so intense, so passionate, so emotionally charged, so REAL!

Another fantastic book by Colleen Hoover! 

*just a note--There is some "risque" content in this book.  A little more than I usually read.  There were just a couple of parts that I felt a little uncomfortable reading but it didn't take away from the book at all.  I'm just a little bit conservative!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel (days1-2)

We're using Truth in the Tinsel this year for our Christmas advent.  The kids are enjoying it and so am I.  Here are a few pictures from days one and two.  (And, of course, no pictures of Cade because he flips out if he even thinks I'm pointing the camera in his direction!)

 Day 1:  Light

 Day 2:  Kingdom  (Painting crowns is serious business and requires mucho concentration!)

Notice that she was in her jammies both days?  We've been doing our crafts early, before we do anything else!  And that's strawberry donut smeared all over her face.  Just pretend like it was something healthy, okay?  :-) 


I'm feeling a little guilty.  Cade was my first child and I have about eleventy-billion pictures of him.  About 20 scrapbooks, too.  Poor Cammers.  I have exactly 0 scrapbooks of her.  And maybe 100 pictures over the past three years.  Es no bueno!

Soooo...I have decided to start taking pictures like a mad dog again.  Not only that, but I want to learn how to take good pictures.  I want to learn to use my manual settings and rattle off words like aperture and f-stop and depth of field.  Then I can hang with the big girls! ;-)  I'll be practicing and putting a bunch of pictures here on the blog.  Which the grandmas will love since they think I have the cutest kids ever.  (And it's true, I do!!) 

Cade isn't a fan of having his picture taken so he won't be on here too much.  Unless it's the back of his head as he runs away from the camera!